Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A web site launch

Today, I'm launching a new web site : It's not quite like other poll web site you can find on the Internet. Most of them use simple majority to find the winner to a poll or rank the poll's choice according to the % of vote they get. Instead, uses a new method (1997, relatively new for the voting theory community), the Schulze method. It allows the poller to gather and consider the whole range of voters preference.

Let me explain a bit. Usually when you take a poll, you only give your favorite choices out of a list of a few choices, but Votator asks the user to rank the choices from first to the last using an intuitive GUI. Then, Votator uses this information to rank the choices from first to last. It ranks the candidates by comparing every candidates with every other candidates, so it counts how often a candidate is ranked better than another candidate in every ballot. When a candidate wins in this fashion against every other candidate he is considered the winner.

I hope you enjoy using this tool.

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